the 51st (dream) state

November 8 – 11, 2006

Premiere New York Premiere
Production Language English
Country of Origin United States
Description The events of 9/11 changed America. We all know this. But what exactly does it mean? How have our cherished notions of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness been called into question? Is there room in this radically altered landscape for compassion, solidarity, and love? And where, if anywhere, is God? Cosmic questions, these, and as posed in vanguard poet/monologist/composer/musician Sekou Sundiata's the 51st (dream) state, they are a thrilling clarion call to civic and artistic action.

Aided by composer Graham Haynes, Sundiata and his musical ensemble take us on a galvanizing soul search for our identity, all the while asking questions via a rousing cycle of songs, poems, monologues, and projected images. A work for the people, the 51st (dream) state comes from the people. An artistic residency in Harlem and public engagements with college and university communities all over the country yielded a dizzying spectrum of opinions, beliefs, anxieties, and passions. And they've found their way into Sundiata's astonishing work, granting even more immediacy to this urgent investigation of who we are, what the rest of the world thinks of us, and what keeps us going.

Identifier 2006f.00041