School-Time Performance: The Children's Free Opera of New York

January 23 – 27, 1978

Alternate Title School-Time Performance: The Children's Free Opera of New York accompanied by St. Luke's Chamber Ensemble: Les Bavards
Production Language English
Country of Origin United States
Description Grades 4-12. Program: Jacques Offenbach. Les Bavards. The Chatterboxes. New production with English version by Robert Hess. Can Roland quiet the chatterbox and escape his creditors?
The Children's Free Opera of New York in its second season will present a repertoire of five operas for 100,000 New York schoolchildren. Operas which have special appeal for youngsters have been chosen from the joyous works of the masters both classic and contemporary. All performances, fully staged, will be accompanied by the accaliamed St. Luke's Chamber Ensemble and sung in English. The Ensemble will be assisted by the All City High School Chorus directed by John Motley. The free performances will be given in concert halls throughout the city, recreating the excitement and ambience of an evening at the Opera.
Why opera for children? Opera unites the excitement of theatre with the eloquence of music. Through these performances, the children will discover the language of music and the music of language.
To assist teachers, study guides will be provided in advance of the performances. These guides will include background information and historical notes suitable for lesson plans.
Identifier 1978s.01840