Special event

In-School Residency: AfricanDanceBeat and AfricanMusicBeat

March 1 – May 1, 2008

Production Language English
Country of Origin United States, Gambia
Description The AfricanDanceBeat and AfricanMusicBeat programs empahsize cultural connections, literacy in dance and music, and art-making with a focus on DanceAfrica's visiting company and its country of origin. Led by BAM teaching artitsts, students will have the exciting experience of learning about Africa and the African Diaspora through dance and music. Students participating in the program will attend a performance by the visiting company, Ceesay Kujabi and the Bachnab from West Africa's The Gambia, at BAM on May 21 or 22.
In AfricanDanceBeat, students particpate in African-based techniques and rhythmic expression. Live percussion accompaniment is provided for each workshop.
In AfricanMusicBeat, the students learn songs and perform rhythms on homemade and indigenous instruments.
Identifier 2008s.SE.00021