School-Time/Family Fun Performance: The Little Angels

January 15 – 18, 1992

Alternate Title Performing Arts Program for Young People: The Little Angels, School-Time / Family Fun Performance: International Series: The Little Angels
Country of Origin South Korea
Description All ages. With a whirl of exotic costumes, a flash of color and the bang of the gong, Korea's Little Angels weave a spell of oriental magic. Steeped in 2,000 years of tradition, their songs and dances embrace the exuberance and the elegance of their native land. In a colorful spectacle of intricate footwork, graceful melodies and theatrical effect they bring the cultural traditions of Korea to American soil.

Family Fun Performance Jan. 18 includes the Pilgrim Church Youth Praise Choir. The Little Angels of Korea and Brooklyn's Pilgrim Church Youth Praise Choir bridge the gaps of culture and continent in a colorful spectacle of dance, exotic melodies, and inspired gospel music.
Identifier 1992s.01301