kaBAM Festival Performance: ¡Vieja el Ultimo! by Grupo 55

May 31 – June 1, 1997

Production Language Spanish;English
Country of Origin Mexico
Description ¡Vieja el Ultimo! by Grupo 55 of Mexico City is a play about two children who make friends at a costume party. They pretend to sail away on a ship, go thorugh a terrible rainstorm, and rescue a damsel from pirates. When they take off their masks, one of them, Mario, discovers that  the other one is a girl!! Mario gets very angry and calls the girl a "marimacha" or tomoby. Frida is hurt that he doesn't want to play with her and feels guilty for tricking him. Mario tries to cme up with a series of games to "test" Frida and Frida challenges him. The loser becomest he other one's servant.
Grupo 55 is a group of actors, educators, and psychologists dedicated to providing amusing plays that deal with current issues, contribute to the formation of children, and develop their critical and aesthetic senses.
Identifier 1997s.01294
VenueBAM Strong (Majestic, BAM Majestic, BAM Harvey Theater, The Rudin Family Gallery)
companyGrupo 55
top billingGrupo 55