The Etudes

December 5 – 6, 2014

Alternate Title The Complete Piano Etudes by Philip Glass
Country of Origin United States
Description In 1994, Philip Glass resolved to become a better pianist, setting to work on a series of short compositions that would help him hone his skills at the keyboard. Two decades in the making, his 20 exquisite etudes have recently been completed, standing as a record of one man’s deeply personal relationship to his instrument and an embodiment of his evolving style.

In this rare assemblage of talents, Glass is joined by nine other pianists—maverick composers Nico Muhly and Timo Andres; new music champion Bruce Levingston; stalwart Glass interpreters Maki Namekawa and Sally Whitwell; iconoclastic composer Anton Batagov; jazz prodigy Aaron Diehl; Grammy-nominated composer-conductor Tania León; and classical virtuoso Jenny Lin—to perform these works in their entirety.
Identifier 2014f.00049