Compagnie Maguy Marin

October 19 – 25, 1987

Premiere New York Premiere
Country of Origin France
Description Maguy Marin, currently one of Europe's most acclaimed choreographers, whose masterful productions of May B and Cinderella have already made an impact in New York, makes her 1987 Next Wave Festival debut with 2 New York premieres, both featuring her highly-acclaimed Compagnie Maguy Marin. Babel Babel, a dance-theater work refelctive of the exciting German Tanztheater movement, uses the Biblical story of the "Tower of Babel" as a dramatic metaphor for the 'birth, llfe, death' cycle and the rise and fall of societies. Eden, a stunning dance work that continues her use of dancers in masks, explores the relationships of man and woman after the fall from grace. Both Babel Babel and Eden are full-length works and will be performed on separate evenings.
Identifier 1987f.00419