"L" Train to Eldorado

December 1 – 6, 1987

Premiere World Premiere
Production Language English
Country of Origin United States
Description The acclaimed and multi-award winning Squat Theatre members are masters of absurdist theater. Using the larger-than-life aspects of film in counterpoint to the immediacy of live theater, their unique productions explore the nightmare world of illusion and reality. In "L" Train to Eldorado, the electrifying subject matter: "Dangerous Love; a Hot Getaway in a Cold Age," is charged with dark humor and played as theatrically staged film. As in the cinematic form, we witness the lovers' passions in vivid close-up and the world they inhabit from the detachment of a long shot. Art rocker Arto Lindsay and new music composer Peter Scherer have created the orignal score.
Identifier 1987f.00417