21 & O Corpo

October 22, 2002, October 24 – 26, 2002

Alternate Title 21 and O Corpo
Premiere US Premiere
Country of Origin Brazil
Description Grupo Corpo, Brazil’s most beloved contemporary dance company, debuts at BAM with a program of two linked, equally engaging works, each a paragon of artistic director Rodrigo Pederneiras’ intensely charismatic, polyrhythmic style—and his distinctive sense of design. The body and its seemingly infinite articulations are paramount to Pederneiras, as evidenced by his troupe’s mastery of modern, ballet, African, urban, and folkloric forms—a remarkably effortless fusion that also underscores the bond, indeed the inextricable symbiosis, between dance and music. The evening’s opener, 21, a kinetic and musical exploration of the number and its myriad permutations—cosmic as well as fractal—sends the dancers zigzagging across the stage, forming and dissolving skeins of movement. A sharply bent knee initiates a chain reaction of jutting, sloping planes, windmilling arms. All of this is echoed and amplified to dramatic effect in the evening’s second half. Set to a driving score by Brazilian pop idol Arnaldo Antunes, O Corpo (the body) celebrates its subject through an invigorating amalgam of tribal, hip-hop, and modern dance—a dazzling movement re-mix.
Identifier 2002f.00030