BAM Hamm Archives Rights and Usage Statement

  1. The BAM Hamm Archives strives to make its collections available in support of general interest, research and scholarship. This website provides access to digital collections and online exhibitions providing a range of historical information about the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Additionally, we display information and digital objects relating to the companies, artists and other individuals that have been associated with BAM.

  2. Users of materials in the BAM Hamm Archives’ collections, including its online exhibitions and digital collections, must respect copyright and other legal rights held by other parties that may affect their subsequent use. Where materials are protected by copyright law, BAM Hamm Archives provides access to them in its online exhibitions or its digital collections solely for educational, scholarly and research purposes.

  3. Some of the material included in the online exhibitions and in the digital collections is not copyright protected, and will be made available upon request. The online exhibitions or digital collections also includes materials that are protected by copyright, subject to license or other rights, such as rights of privacy. You may have to seek permission from the rights holder to reproduce and otherwise use such material. It is your responsibility to investigate and, if needed, clear rights to use these materials.

  4. The materials are displayed “as is” without warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including any warranties of title, non-infringement of copyright or other rights.

  5. You are welcome to link to our online exhibitions or digital collections for educational and research purposes. If you wish to publish or reproduce materials in the online exhibitions or the digital collections, please contact the BAM Hamm Archives.

  6. If you have questions, comments, or additional information related to our online exhibitions or digital collections, please contact: bamarchive@bam.org

  7. If you are a copyright owner and believe that your rights have been infringed, please contact: bamarchive@bam.org


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