Featured Collection

Community, BAM, and COVID-19

BAM is among a multitude of cultural organizations where “liveness” is paramount. In this time of social distancing, when gathering isn’t possible, BAM is happy to share archival treasures and memories from our rich past. As we work from home, deal with economic impacts and uncertainties, and spend time apart from friends and colleagues, we want to offer our community ways to experience BAM’s offerings at home. So many memorable events and gatherings have happened since we opened our doors in Brooklyn nearly 160 years ago. As an 1871 guidebook said, BAM is “where Brooklyn gathers.” Not only have we hosted artists, but also presidents, abolitionists, and other activists and leaders. In the aftermath of fires, floods, and war, BAM and its community have always rebounded through art. The COVID-19 crisis is unprecedented, but we will weather this too! The collection featured here is just a sampling of the trove comprising the Leon Levy BAM Digital Archive. This collection highlights audio and video across many genres from each of our programs: Education and Community, Film, Humanities, and Live Performance. Stay tuned for more unique, curated selections which reflect BAM’s deep connection with history, with the community, and with you—without you, we wouldn’t exist.