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DanceAfrica Council of Elders

For three days in late February 1977, the Chuck Davis Dance Company took over the Lepercq space, transforming it into an African village. These three days have been acknowledged as the first iteration of what became known as DanceAfrica. The metaphorical village has expanded into a vast community of African dancers and performers, who meet annually each spring at BAM. DanceAfrica is BAM's longest-running program and America's largest celebration of African and African-American dance, music, and culture. This special collection was created to celebrate, honor and expand the histories of the Elders who keep the DanceAfrica tradition moving forward. Over the thirty-five year history of DanceAfrica, The Council of Elders have shared their artistry and wisdom, and are committed to keeping African traditions alive. Individual profiles will be updated adding biographies, digital assets and photographs to expand the rich history of the DanceAfrica Council of Elders.

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