Dark Lark

November 6 – 9, 2013

Premiere New York Premiere
Country of Origin United States
Description In this provocative new work, Kate Weare—the BAM Fisher’s first artist-in-residence—looks to sexual fantasy as a metaphor for creative expression, using the stage as a place where we can perform as the most potent, desiring versions of ourselves.

An original cello score by Chris Lancaster ushers us into this suggestive realm, fetishized and electrified by Weare’s sensual, aggressively intertwined movement vocabulary. Brilliantly attuned to each individual dancer’s quirks and complex identities, Weare orchestrates a series of duets, solos, and trios that explore exposure, self-censorship, and vulnerability, examining how—in the safest, most indeterminate spaces—bodies offer up secrets of their inner life.
Identifier 2013f.00032
Season Fall 2013
VenueFisher Building (Fishman Space, Hillman Studio)
choreographerKate Weare