DanceMotion USA℠: Trey McIntyre Project/Korea National Contemporary Dance Company

November 14 – 17, 2012

Alternate Title DanceMotion USA: Trey McIntyre Project / Korea National Contemporary Dance Company, DanceMotion USA℠ Residency
Premiere New York Premiere
Country of Origin United States, South Korea
Description My Show:
A collaboration between Trey McIntyre Project and Korea’s first state-funded contemporary dance company, Korea National Contemporary Dance Company, celebrating TMP’s homecoming from its DanceMotion  USA℠ tour through the Philippines, China, and South Korea.
My art is most inspired by:
People who endeavor to find the truth and who do so, bravely and at personal risk. Comedians like Dave Chappelle and Louis C.K. make my brain pop.

Most American thing about my dance:
I come from the Great Plains and I think my work is deeply informed by that sense of space and earth and distance. The people I grew up around were earnest and plainspoken. I seek that same kind of clarity and meaning in the dances I make.

Ballet in 2012 means:
Ballet for me is just the language I use. It's a process of making sense of a flawed instrument.

Favorite non-dance motion in the USA:
Playing with my mustache.

Post-show Artist Talk Friday Nov. 16. Trey McIntyre Project, moderated by Charmaine Warren. Free for same-day ticket holders.
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