Benguelê and Breu

March 25 – 29, 2008

Premiere New York Premiere
Country of Origin Brazil
Description Ebullient, dynamic, and profoundly expressive, Grupo Corpo—Brazil's most exalted contemporary dance company—returns to BAM with a program that showcases the troupe's remarkable kinetic range. Not content with the limits of a single movement style, choreographer Rodrigo Pederneiras schools his performers in modern, jazz, ballet, Afro-Brazilian, and urban forms. The results are electrifying. Whether conveying the pure pleasure of tearing through space or the often-fraught intricacies of love, the dancers radiate grace, power, and an exuberant sensuality. Combined with an instinctive connection to music, Grupo Corpo revels in the body's boundless potential.

A society bereft of communication defines Breu, a daring new work rife with palpable anxiety and aggression. With a score by Brazilian composer Lenine (an arresting combination of folk, rock, and found sounds), Pederneiras has created a netherworld in which the dancers crouch, push, and tug—avaricious and alienated, oblivious to their pain and to one another. Also on the program, the mesmerizing Benguelê explores Brazil's African, Arabic, and European dance roots to a commissioned score by João Bosco.
Identifier 2008s.00886