Der Fensterputzer

October 3 – 11, 1997

Alternate Title The Window Washer
Premiere US Premiere
Country of Origin Germany
Description Kicking off the 1997 Next Wave Festival, Pina Bausch’s “Der Fensterputzer” (The Window Washer) was inspired by the Tanztheater Wuppertal’s three-week residency in Hong Kong in the early ‘90s. The piece featured a dancer who was lowered from the flies like a window washer, a bucket and squeegee in hand. Another feature of the piece was a mound of 40,000 silk flowers (designed by Peter Pabst), which weighed a literal ton. The flowers resembled roses and bauhinia, the latter of which Bausch’s stage manager, Matthias Schmiegelt, called “the heraldic flower of Hong Kong.”
Identifier 1997f.00615