Invitations to Heaven

September 30 – October 5, 1991

Alternate Title Eric Bass / Sandglass Theater, Eric Bass/Sandglass Theater, Invitations to Heaven (Questions of a Jewish Child)
Production Language English;Yiddish
Country of Origin United States
Description From the Lower East Side to the gates of heaven, puppeteer Eric Bass traces the life of his immigrant grandparents, becoming the child who learns to dance with his grandfather, sing with his grandmother, who asks questions about life and its meaning. WIth the help of musician Alan Bern, Bass blends nostalgic introspection with vaudevillian comedy, creating an almost cinematic reflection of shifting time, values, and emotions.
Identifier 1991f.00509
Season Fall 1991
VenueLepercq Space (Ballroom, BAM Cafe)
composerAlan Bern
contributorRichard Edelman
musical directorAlan Bern
set designer/decorEric Bass
translator/interpretorMichael Alpert