Carnaval Eletrônico: Daniela Mercury

October 22, 2005

Production Language Portuguese
Country of Origin Brazil
Description A dynamo with a high-voltage delivery and an ardent international following, Brazilian techno/samba/pop diva Daniela Mercury is one of the most prominent singer-songwriters to emerge from Latin America in a generation.

Born in Bahia, where she’s known as the Queen of Axé (her native music), Mercury got her musical start as a teenager singing bossa nova in nightclubs. Soon she became the reigning star of the trios elétricos, bands that perform on flatbed trucks during Carnaval. Next came her flourishing solo career, and big hits showcasing her unique fusion of samba, reggae, rock, pop, house, drum’n’bass, dub, and rap.

In concert—typically in front of tens of thousands of adoring fans—Mercury is a veritable whirlwind of sound and motion. There’s no question that she can belt it out. She can also croon, delivering ballads with soulful conviction. Her BAM appearance features music from the Latin Grammy-nominated album Carnaval Eletrônico (soon to be released in the US) performed by a scorching band as well as a still-in-formation A-list of guest musicians. Just try staying in your seat.
Identifier 2005f.00037