School-Time Performance: Mic Check: Hip-Hop from North Africa and the Middle East

March 8, 2013

Country of Origin United States
Description Grades 9-12.
Hip-Hop from North Africa and the Middle East. Produced by BAM.
From the recent revolutions in the Middle East, rappers have emerged as symbols of an auspicious cultural moment, serving as torchbearers of the movement’s progressive energy and restless defiant spirit. Providing entertaining cultural context for the Arab Spring, Mic Check brings together a host of these intrepid anthem writers—Amkoullel, Deeb, El Général, and Shadia Mansour—alongside more traditional musicians Brahim Fribgane and Yacouba for a performance of contemporary music born out of radical social and political change.
Featured Artists: Amkoullel, Deeb, Brahim Fribgane, El Général, Shadia Mansour. Curated by Zeyba Rahman. Includes: Pre-show workshop, post-show Q&A, and teacher study guide.
Identifier 2013s.01323