A Tribute to Great Cities with Ute Lemper

April 22, 2006

Country of Origin United States
Description Heiner Goebbels: Surrogate Cities
(New York Premiere)
H.K. Gruber: Manhattan Broadcasts
and selected songs from Ms. Lemper's favorite repertoire Michael Christie, Conductor Ute Lemper, Vocal soloist

Superstar chanteuse Ute Lemper returns after her triumphant BP Debut last season, singing songs such as Brel's "Amsterdam" and "The Streets of Berlin," and reprises music from her star turn in "Chicago" and much more. Goebbels' important work "Surrogate Cities" -- a masterful tribute to all the great cities of the world -- is a multi-movement work for sampler, voices, and orchestra. Goebbels artfully mixes historic recordings, poetry, and orchestral and vocal effects in a breathtaking aural landscape.
Identifier 2006s.01314