A Passage to India

November 2 – 6, 2004

Premiere New York Premiere
Production Language English
Country of Origin England, United Kingdom
Description Shared Experience’s award-winning performance style transforms classic literary works into turbulent marriages of physicality and text. War and Peace, Desire Under The Elms, Anna Karenina (BAM 1998), and Jane Eyre (BAM 2000) have all been re-imagined as no-holds-barred theater that stretches the boundaries of dramatic and visual interpretation.

Now, with A Passage to India, the London-based company takes on novelist E.M. Forster’s masterful evocation of the Indian and British states of mind during the waning days of the Raj. The premise seems harmless enough: three recent English arrivals, eager to befriend Indians, stumble upon the equally enthusiastic Dr. Aziz. Despite the inevitable raised eyebrows and overt racism, he soon becomes their valued companion and guide. It all goes terribly wrong during a trip to the Marabar caves. Accusations of rape, later recanted, incite virulent reactions, forever dashing the illusion of friendship and foreshadowing the fierce political conflict soon to come.

Adapted by Martin Sherman (Tony nominee for Bent) and directed by Nancy Meckler with style and fidelity to the novel, A Passage to India thrusts Forster’s still-potent themes of suspicion, racial hatred, snobbery, and repressed sexuality into stark relief.
Identifier 2004f.00034